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How It Works

We Keep our Costs Low so we can Keep Your Costs Low too

Sigo is 100% Digital

Fill out your information from the convenience of your phone or computer. Our digital broker, Maria, is here to answer your questions.


Sigo’s system searches for the best pricing from our carrier partners.

Sigo keeps track of your history so that we may offer you a better rate as soon as it is available. 

Sigo Saver

The Sigo Saver algorithm checks to see if you are eligible for a better rate. We are here to get you the best deal, not charge you high premiums and extra fees. As you develop your driving and payment history, insurance companies will be able to offer you better rates. 

Sigo Service Partners

We don’t want to sell you services, we want to be your trusted advisor. Sigo curates a list of partners that can be useful for our clients. From discounts on products to service recommendations.