Sigo Seguros is a tech-enabled auto insurance brokerage making it easy for everyone to get car insurance. Our founders were tired of seeing friends and family waste their time and get ripped off when getting car insurance. Sigo gives everyone the tools and technology to make car insurance simple at a fair price. We don’t charge extra fees beyond your policy premiums.

At Sigo, we are rebuilding the car insurance purchasing process from ground up with our customers in mind. We believe in serving our customers the way they prefer, whether it is online, through an app, or over the phone; whenever you need us. We also think customers should have the ability to access services in the language they prefer, so we offer the ability to get a quote and manage your car insurance in English or Spanish. The antiquated insurance industry has taken too long to effectively provide what customers want, and Sigo is here to change that.

Sigo will provide easy and transparent car insurance. We don’t think that your credit score, driving history (or lack thereof), or language preference should decide whether or not you get great service. Sigo is here for you when you need it.

We are rebuilding the car insurance purchasing process from ground up…