Auto insurance is sometimes viewed as something you just need to have because the law says so. Some drivers treat car insurance as a “nice to have” – they try and have it most of the time, but if they’re uncovered for a little bit, it will be okay.

     But what happens if you’re pulled over and don’t have car insurance? The penalties can be costly. In California, the fine for a first-time infraction of driving without insurance is at least $100, but can be hundreds more. Your car may even be impounded, as the authorities seek to remove potentially risky uninsured cars from the road. In this case, you’d be on the hook for paying towing and storage costs for your vehicle. 

     The consequences may be a lot worse if you get into an accident. To begin with, in California, your license may be suspended for up to four years. If you are at fault for the accident, you are responsible for paying the cost of the damages. This includes damage to all vehicles involved; medical costs for yourself, the other driver, and third parties; and all damage to public and private property. If you don’t have funds to pay for these costs, you can be sued for your assets – including your home – to cover your financial liability.

     Insurance eliminates the risk of the catastrophic scenario described above. Having current car insurance also means you are following the law, avoiding fines and other issues. The best option is to obtain and maintain car insurance as long as you are driving. Companies like Sigo can help you find great insurance options for low prices, so you can drive with peace of mind. Get a free quote with us now – but even if you decide to go with another provider, make sure to get covered!